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Mediators of Inflammation
Volume 9, Issue 2, Pages 93-99

Human eosinophil–airway smooth muscle cell interactions

1Respiratory Research Group, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Sydney, Sydney NSW 2006, Australia
2Respiratory Research Group, Department of Pharmacology, University of Sydney, Sydney NSW 2006, Australia

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Eosinophils are present throughout the airway wall of asthmatics. The nature of the interaction between human airway smooth muscle cells (ASMC) and eosinophils was investigated in this study. We demonstrated, using light microscopy, that freshly isolated eosinophils from healthy donors rapidly attach to ASMC in vitro. Numbers of attached eosinophils were highest at 2 h, falling to 50% of maximum by 20 h. Eosinophil attachment at 2 h was reduced to 72% of control by anti-VCAM-1, and to 74% at 20 h by anti-ICAM-1. Pre-treatment of ASMC for 24 h with TNF-α, 10 nM, significantly increased eosinophil adhesion to 149 and 157% of control after 2 and 20 h. These results provide evidence that eosinophil interactions with ASMC involve VCAM-1 and ICAM-1 and are modulated by TNF-α.