Figure 1: Representative microscopic photographs ( 100) of tumour cells exposed overnight to PMN. Tumour cells were cultured in 12-well culture plates containing 12 mm diameter cover glasses. 5  PMN were placed on culture inserts that were located over the wells containing the tumour cells. Control, medium without PMN in the inserts; TW 3  m, PMN placed in 3  m pore size inserts; TW 0.4  m fMLP, PMN activated with 0.1  moles/L fMLP placed in 0.4  m pore size inserts; and TW 3  m Ab:CD18, CD162, CD44, PMN placed in 3  m pore size inserts with 10  g/mL of mouse anti-human CD44 monoclonal antibody, 10  g/mL of mouse anti-human CD162 monoclonal antibody and 10  g/mL of mouse anti-human CD18 monoclonal antibody. Covers were then stained with AO-EB. AO permeates throughout the cells and renders the nuclei green. EB is taken up by the cells only when cytoplasmic membrane integrity is lost, and stains the nuclei red. with similar results.