Figure 1: Total cells recovered by lung lavage from strains of mice exposed to filtered air (a), or 2 weeks of OVA aerosol, (b) and total eosinophils from mice exposed to 2 weeks of OVA aerosol (c). Of the filtered air-exposed mice (a), the NOS2-/- mice had a greater number of cells present in their lavage (8.65±6.90×104 (n=16), P<.01) compared to the other genotypes of mice examined (NOS1-/-  2.78±1.71×104 (n=12), NOS3-/-3.03±1.68×104 (n=11), C57Bl/6 3.85±2.98×104 (n=27)). Of the OVA-exposed mice, the NOS2-/- mice had 15.65±9.93×105 (P<.05, n=17) cells (b), significantly more than either NOS1 (6.20±5.05×105 (n=12)), NOS3 (6.7±1.4×105 (n=11)), or C57BL/6 (7.86±8.02×105 (n=21)) mice. Eosinophils comprised a significant proportion of the cells present in the lavage of mice exposed to OVA. NOS2-/- mice exposed to OVA had 11.9±1.76×105 eosinophils (c) in lavage, which was significantly more than in NOS1 (2.4±0.6×105), NOS3 (5.3±0.45×105), or C57BL/6 (2.9±3.0×105) mice exposed to OVA. Data are presented as mean values ± SEM. * denotes P<.05; **P<.01 by ANOVA.