Research Article

A Comparative In Vitro Study of the Effects of Separate and Combined Products of Citrus e fructibus and Cydonia e fructibus on Immunological Parameters of Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis

Figure 2

Representative example of a flow cytometric analysis profile of live, necrotic, and apoptotic cells after in vitro culture of human PBMC stimulated in the presence of either Citrus (a) or Cydonia (b) or their combination (c). Citrus (100 μL/mL), Cydonia (100 μL/mL), or the combination Citrus/Cydonia (100 μL/mL) were added to PBMC in 1 mL cultures which were stimulated with grass pollen extract (10 mg/mL) for 7 days. Staining was performed with Annexin V-APC and PI and measured on a BD flow cytometer.