Research Article

Symptoms, but Not a Biomarker Response to Inhaled Corticosteroids, Predict Asthma in Preschool Children with Recurrent Wheeze

Table 2

Baseline analysis at preschool age.

Median (IQR) transient wheezeMedian (IQR) asthmaOR95% CI

IL-1α, in pg/mL34.0 (15.6–83.7)44.2 (18.3–97.6)1.100.84–1.44
IL-2, in pg/mL55.5 (35.7–76.8)57.0 (43.1–81.2)1.320.80–2.16
IL-4, in pg/mL8.8 (4.8–13.9)9.6 (6.0–14.5)1.150.70–1.88
IL-5, in pg/mL29.8 (17.8–58.7)37.2 (19.4–80.6)1.210.85–1.73
IL-10, in pg/mL4.5 (2.8–6.9)5.2 (3.2–8.4)1.090.72–1.65
IFN-γ, in pg/mL28.1 (17.5–44.6)27.1 (16.0–44.2)0.880.67–1.16
sICAM, in pg/mL190.4 (94.8–416.2)265.5 (104.1–516.4)1.080.79–1.48
CCL-11, in pg/mL8.3 (5.2–12.5))8.0 (5.3–14.6)0.900.71–1.15
pH6.0 (5.7–6.3)5.8 (5.6–6.2)0.660.34–1.28
FeNO, in ppb6.7 (3.7–13.3)8.9 (5.4–18.1)1.020.98–1.05
Airway resistance before medication§1.4 (0.3)1.5 (0.4)2.150.83–5.56
Airway resistance after medication§1.2 (0.4)1.3 (0.3)2.060.70–6.01
Bronchodilator response§0.1 (0.3)0.0 (0.5)1.440.45–4.55
Total symptom score*27 (25–29)25 (20–28)0.850.77–0.93

*False Discovery Rate (FDR) corrected ; §mean (standard deviation).
IL: interleukin; IFN-γ: interferon-γ; sICAM: soluble Intercellular Adhesion Molecule; CCL-11: Eotaxin; FeNO: Fractional exhaled Nitric Oxide; OR: odds ratio; 95% CI: 95% confidence interval. Analysis adjusted for gender atopy, eczema, previous inhaled corticosteroids use, asthma first relative, smoking exposure, and season of measurement. The transient wheeze group is the reference group.