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Inhibition of Osteoclast Generation: A Novel Function of the Bone Morphogenetic Protein 7/Osteogenic Protein 1

Figure 3

Translocation of NF B into the nucleus and induction of c-Fos: (a) NF B was determined by ELISA in the nucleus of monocytes treated with RANKL (∘) or RANKL + OP-1 (●) for the times indicated. The data points are compiled from experiments with cells of four individual donors (with exception of time point 120 min; here data of only one donor were available). By 16 h, the mean values obtained for RANKL and the RANKL + OP-1 treated cells were different as calculated by -test. (b) By Western blotting, NF B was assessed in the nucleus in unstimulated cells, cells stimulated with RANKL or with RANKL + OP-1 (24 h). The relative intensity of the bands was determined using p84 as a nuclear housekeeping protein. c-Fos was determined in the cell lysates of monocytes stimulated as described above. Here actin was used as loading control.