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Inhibition of Osteoclast Generation: A Novel Function of the Bone Morphogenetic Protein 7/Osteogenic Protein 1

Figure 4

Effect of OP-1 on NFATc1: (a) NFATc1 in the nuclear fraction was determined by ELISA of monocytes treated with RANKL (∘), or RANKL + OP-1 (●) for the times indicated. Data derived from experiments with cells of four individual donors are shown (with exception of the time point 120 min), and differences of the mean values were calculated using -test. (b) By Western blotting, the effect of OP-1 was confirmed (data for 24 h are shown). (c), (d) Various times after onset of culture, IL-1 and cathepsin K specific transcripts were determined by quantitative PCR (●); the open symbol (∘) shows the parallel experiment with addition of OP-1 (data are mean of duplicates; one of two experiments is shown).