Table 1: Demographic, clinical, and laboratory data for the group of RA patients ( ).


Age (years)46.512.79
Female (%)102 (79.6)
Ethnic origin: Black %119 (92.97)
DAS ESR6.281.17
Smoking (%)28 (21.8)
Nodule (%)30 (23.4)
Erosions (%)64 (52.03)
Disease duration11.707.11
RF (IU/mL)515.83 522.099
aCCP (U/mL)679.74626.54
CRP (µg/mL)26.9533.95
SAA (ug/mL)66.00128.54
Hb (g/L)12.81.76
MMP-3: control group (ng/mL)7.55.4
MMP-3 (% elevated)35.8 (56.3)43.9
Comp: control group (µg/mL)1.110.44
Comp (% elevated) 1.85 (92.0) 0.77

DAS: disease activity score.
HDA: high disease activity.
SJC: swollen joint count.
RF: rheumatoid factor.
aCCP: anticyclic citrullinated peptide antibodies.
CRP: C-reactive protein.
SAA: serum amyloid A.
Hb: haemoglobin.
ESR: erythrocyte sedimentation rate.
MMP: matrix metalloproteinase.
Comp: cartilage oligomeric protein.