Research Article

Interleukin-22 Inhibits Bleomycin-Induced Pulmonary Fibrosis

Figure 3

Infiltration of IL-22/IL-17 produced cells in the lungs and spleens induced by intratracheal injections of bleomycin (BLM). Representative flow cytometry pictures of CD4+IL-22+ and TCRγ δ+IL-22+ cell from the lung and spleen tissues at the 3rd week were shown in Figure 1(a). And the percentages of CD4+IL-22+, TCRγ δ+IL-22+, NKp46+IL-22+, CD4+IL-17+, and TCRγ δ+IL-17+ cells in the lungs (b) and spleens (c) were counted by flow cytometry analysis at the indicated week (w). Data presented in (b) and (c) are from two independent experiments with 8~10 mice in each group. Values are the mean and SEM. .