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Review Article

Current Perspectives in NSAID-Induced Gastropathy

Table 1

Classification of NSAIDs.

TypesChemical compositionCommon NSAIDs

SalicylatesDerivatives of 2-hydroxybenzoic acid (salicylic acid)Aspirin, diflunisal, and salsalate

Propionic acid derivatives or “profens”Derivatives of arylacetic acidsIbuprofen, dexibuprofen, ketoprofen, dexketoprofen, naproxen, fenoprofen, flurbiprofen, oxaprozin, and loxoprofen

Acetic acid derivatives Derivatives of acetic acidsIndomethacin, diclofenac, nabumetone, tolmetin, sulindac, etodolac, and ketorolac

Enolic acid derivatives or oxicams Derivatives of 4-hydroxy benzothiazine heterocyclePiroxicam, isoxicam, meloxicam, tenoxicam, droxicam, and lornoxicam

Fenamic acid derivatives or fenamatesDerivatives of anthranilic acidMefenamic acid, flufenamic acid, tolfenamic acid, and meclofenamic acid

PhenylpyrazolonesDerivatives of 1-aryl-3,5-
Phenylbutazone, oxyphenbutazone

COX-2 selective inhibitorsDiaryl-5-membered heterocyclesCelecoxib, rofecoxib, and valdecoxib

Anilides and sulphoanilidesAcetamides of aniline with or without a 4-hydroxy or 4-alkoxy groupAcetaminophen, phenacetin, and nimesulide

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