Table 3: Group analysis of genes that decrease their expression in 3T3-L1 adipocytes by alliin pretreatment and after LPS stimuli.

Cancer related (15 genes—43%) Hoxb13, Hmg20b, Cxcl16, Uimc1, Elf1, Foxp1, Ptgdr, Psmd8, Peg3, Myo15, Lig1,
Ptbp2, Kif2c, Grhpr, Fah                 

Enzymes (5 genes—14%)Dck, Zdhhc4, Pik3c2g, Grhpr, Fah

Diverse functions (7 genes—20%)AdipogenesisAamdc
NuclearRny1, Polr1d, Nol12,
Notch signalingDtx2
Vascular remodelingReck/St15
Ig relatedS72845

Unknown function (10 genes—29%) AK010802, AK007003, AK016406, AK021335, AK015506, AK009275, AK007343,
AK006390, AK006570, AK005580                 

Bolded gene names correspond to genes that fits into two groups (because are cancer related and also enzymes).