Research Article

Metformin Inhibits Expression and Secretion of PEDF in Adipocyte and Hepatocyte via Promoting AMPK Phosphorylation

Figure 2

Effects of metformin on the serum PEDF levels and PEDF expression in the adipose tissue and liver of the obese rats. SD rats were fed a normal chow diet (NC group, ) or a high fat diet ( ) for 15 weeks; then the high-fat-diet rats were gavaged saline (HF group, ) or metformin 400 mg/kg/d (MET group, ) for 4 weeks. At the end of the 19th week, hyperinsulinemic-euglycemic clamp were performed, and the serum, liver, and adipose tissues were collected. (a) Error bar charts showed the serum PEDF concentrations in different groups; (b) Scatter plots showed a negative correlation between serum PEDF levels and insulin sensitivity; (c) RT-PCR assay results of PEDF mRNA levels in WAT and liver; (d) Western blot analysis of PEDF protein expression and phosphorylation of AMPK. The histogram represents mean ± SD of the densitomeric scans for protein bands from three experiments, normalized by comparison with -actin and expressed as a percentage of control. , compared with NC group. , compared with HF group.