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JNK and NADPH Oxidase Involved in Fluoride-Induced Oxidative Stress in BV-2 Microglia Cells

Figure 3

Effects of NADPH oxygenase and iNOS on the oxidative stress of BV-2 cells treated by fluoride. Intracellular DCF (a) and DHE (b) fluorescence intensity for ROS and contents were measured by flow cytometer in BV-2 cells cotreated with 50 mg/L NaF and NADPH oxygenase inhibitor (API). Intracellular NO (c) was detected by measuring DAF-FM fluorescence in BV-2 cells cotreated with 50 mg/L NaF and iNOS inhibitor (SMT). Bars were presented as mean ± SD. a: compared to 0 mg/L NaF group; b: compared to 50 mg/L NaF group; c: compared to 0 mg/L NaF group.