Mediators of Inflammation / 2013 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

Inflammatory Mediator Profiling Reveals Immune Properties of Chemotactic Gradients and Macrophage Mediator Production Inhibition during Thioglycollate Elicited Peritoneal Inflammation

Table 2

Concentrations of inflammatory mediators in exudates and plasma at basal condition in vivo.

Exudates (A, )Plasma (B, )Ratio of mean value between A and B on day 0Ratio on day 1

IP-10 0.070.97
lymphotactin 0.090.40
MIP-2 0.299.75
MCP-3 0.062.26
MCP-5 0.091.29
SCF 0.250.65
TIMP-1 0.325.23
VEGF-A 0.130.87

(1) between A and B for all groups.
(2) The unit for all concentrations is pg/mL, except TIMP-1 as ng/mL.
(3) The ratio on day 1 is derived from Table 1.