Table 2: Scheme of in vitro stimulation of mononuclear cells.

(107 cells/mL)
StimulationCultivation X-Vivo

PWM100 L 100 L PWM800 L
PWM + ConA100 L 100 L PWM + 100 µL ConA700 L
HSP70100 L 100 L800 L
A.a. 100 L 100 L A.a. 800 L
P.g. 100 L 100 L P.g. 800 L
T.f. 100 L 100 L T.f. 800 L
Unstim.100 L900 L

PWM: Pokeweed mitogen, ConA: Concanavalin A, HSP70: Heat Shock Protein 70, A.a.: Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans, P.g.: Porphyromonas gingivalis, T.f.: Tannerella forsythia, and unstim.: without stimulation.