Mediators of Inflammation / 2014 / Article / Fig 1

Research Article

YKL-40 as a Novel Factor Associated with Inflammation and Catabolic Mechanisms in Osteoarthritic Joints

Figure 1

Concentrations of YKL-40 in OA synovial fluid were significantly higher than those in plasma and they correlated with YKL-40 released from cartilage in culture. (a) Mean concentration of YKL-40 in SF was 1027.9 ± 78.3 ng/mL and in plasma 67.2 ± 4.5 ng/mL. Results are presented as mean ± SEM. . (b) Scatterplot shows positive correlation between concentrations of YKL-40 in SF and those released into the culture media from OA cartilage during 42 h incubation ( , , ).