Figure 2: The effect of EBN on the histopathological score in DSS-induced colitis mice. Mice colons were obtained at 7 days post-DSS administration and were stained with H&E. H&E staining was performed on colon sections obtained from mice belonging to the untreated (no DSS), DSS-treated (3% DSS), DSS + EBN 100 (3% DSS and EBN at 100 mg/kg body weight per day), DSS + EBN 200 (3% DSS and EBN at 200 mg/kg·d), and DSS + EBN 500 (3% DSS and EBN at 500 mg/kg·d) groups. Images were obtained at 40x magnification (a). Histopathological scores were analyzed from slides (b). Data from 3 independent experiments is shown and expressed as the mean ± SD ( per group). versus DSS-treated; # versus untreated.