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CD8+ T Cell-Mediated Immunity during Trypanosoma cruzi Infection: A Path for Vaccine Development?

Table 2

Summary of the different antigen delivery systems used for the induction of CD8+ T cells against experimental T. cruzi infection.

Delivery systemAdjuvantT. cruzi antigen/geneReference

Rec. proteinFreund’s adjuvantTS[40]
Rec. ProteinCpG ODNTS[41]
Rec. ProteinCpG ODNCruzipain[42]
Rec. proteinAlum/CpG ODNASP-2[38]
Plasmid DNANoneTSA-1[44]
Plasmid DNAIL-12TSA[47]
Plasmid DNANoneTS[49]
Plasmid DNANoneASP-1[51]
Plasmid DNANoneASP-2[51]
Plasmid DNANoneASP-3[56]
Plasmid DNANoneASP-4[56]
Plasmid DNANoneCRP[57]
Plasmid DNANoneKMP11[58]
Plasmid DNANoneTc24[45]
Plasmid DNAIL-12/GM-CSFTcG1[59]
Plasmid DNAIL-12/GM-CSFTcG2[59]
Plasmid DNAIL-12/GM-CSFTcG4[59]
Rec. adenovirusNoneTS[60]
Rec. Salmonella NoneCruzipain[61]
Sendai virusNoneASP-2[62]
Yellow fever 17DNoneASP-2[63]
Rec. adenovirus + Rec. MVANoneTSA[64]
Plasmid DNA + Rec. AdenovirusNoneASP-2[28]
Plasmid DNA + Rec. AdenovirusNoneASP-2[65]
Rec. influenza + Rec. AdenovirusNoneASP-2[65, 66]
Plasmid + Rec. MVAIL-12/GM-CSFTcG2/TcG4[67]
Plasmid + Rec. proteinIL-12/GM-CSFTcG1/TcG2/TcG4[68]