Mediators of Inflammation / 2014 / Article / Fig 5

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Relationship between Early Inflammatory Response and Clinical Evolution of the Severe Multiorgan Failure in Mechanical Circulatory Support-Treated Patients

Figure 5

(a) The area under the curve of TNF-α and (b) IL-8 levels from 4 hours at 1 week after intervention ( ) in patients that experienced postoperative maximal tSOFA score < 11 (group A: empty box-plots), and patients with postoperative maximal tSOFA score ≥ 11, with positive (group B: light gray box-plots) or negative (group C: dark gray box-plots) 3-month outcome. values are for differences among groups by Kruskall-Wallis text. * versus group A by Mann-Whitney text corrected by Bonferroni. ° versus group B by Mann-Whitney text corrected by Bonferroni.