Research Article

Lipid Isolated from a Leishmania donovani Strain Reduces Escherichia coli Induced Sepsis in Mice through Inhibition of Inflammatory Responses

Figure 1

Thin-layer chromatography (TLC) profile of leishmanial total lipid or LTL (a). Effect of LTL on production of PGE2 (b) and TNF- (c). The mouse peritoneal macrophage cells were preincubated with LTL in the presence or absence of heat-killed E. coli (O18:K1;  CFU/mL) for 24 h and the optical density was determined by ELISA method. (d) The cytotoxicity of LTL on peritoneal macrophage cell measured by MTT assay for 24 h and OD determination at 595 nm. The data are reported as the mean ± SEM of triplicate experiments. ( , ).