Mediators of Inflammation / 2014 / Article / Fig 5

Research Article

TLR2 Elicits IL-17-Mediated RANKL Expression, IL-17, and OPG Production in Neutrophils from Arthritic Mice

Figure 5

RANKL expression and OPG secretion by neutrophils were regulated by TLR2 ligand and IL-17. Purified neutrophils were stimulated as in Figure 3. (a) Representative histograms show RANKL expression on blood neutrophils from nonarthritic and arthritic mice. MFI: mean fluorescence intensity. (b) Graphs indicate that IL-17 increases the frequencies of RANKL+ neutrophils in the control group. More RANKL+ cells are found after stimulation with TLR2 and IL-17 in arthritic group. (c) IL-17 and zymosan induce OPG secretion by control neutrophils and inhibit OPG production by cells from arthritic mice. Values in (b) and (c) are the mean ± SEM ( animals/group; 3 experiments). * ; ** ; *** , Student’s -test.