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Anti-Inflammatory Effects of IKK Inhibitor XII, Thymulin, and Fat-Soluble Antioxidants in LPS-Treated Mice

Table 1

Effect of in  vitro added antioxidants on TNF-α production in LPS-treated peritoneal macrophages from mice.

Control 1Control 2LPSLPS + Q9LPS + -caroteneLPS + -tocopherolLPS + antioxidant’s mixture

Macrophages were cultivated for 24 h; 50  M of ubiquinone, 10  M -tocopherol, and 10 μM -carotene were added in cultivating medium as water-alcohol emulsions (for Q9 and α-tocopherol) or water-Tween 85 emulsion (for -carotene). The samples with only medium supplemented with the equal amounts of alcohol or Tween 85 served as controls (control 1 and control 2, correspondingly); then 2.5  g/mL lipopolysaccharide (LPS) from Escherichia coli was added to cells. TNF- concentration shown in pg/mL was measured in the cell-free supernatants by ELISA kit. The final alcohol and Tween 85 concentrations did not exceed 1% in control or experimental samples. Each of values is the average mean ± S.D. from 12 duplicates.
Significantly different from control, ; bsignificantly different from LPS-treated cells, ; csignificantly different from LPS + Q9, LPS + -carotene, and LPS + -tocopherol-treated cells, .