Research Article

Tumor Necrosis Factor Induces Developmental Stage-Dependent Structural Changes in the Immature Small Intestine

Figure 6

Chronic TNF treatment has exposure-dependent effects on small intestinal architecture. Mice were treated with TNF one week prior to euthanasia (brief exposure designated as B-TNF), or weekly starting on P7 until one week prior to euthanasia (chronic exposure designated as C-TNF). Small intestine was harvested and examined for (a) villus height, (b) villus area, and (c) epithelial cell counts as described above. For all groups, . Brackets in (a) indicate . Asterisks in (b) and (c) indicate in TNF versus control. (d) To determine if chronic exposure to TNF impacts TNFR1 levels, mRNA levels of TNFR1 were quantified in tissues of P21 mice treated with B-TNF and C-TNF compared to controls. No significant differences in TNFR1 levels were observed.