Mediators of Inflammation / 2014 / Article / Fig 3

Research Article

Intestinal Parasites Coinfection Does Not Alter Plasma Cytokines Profile Elicited in Acute Malaria in Subjects from Endemic Area of Brazil

Figure 3

Principal component analysis (PCA) of inflammatory mediators (cytokine, chemokines, CRP, and NO). (a) Results are shown for M, CI, IP, and UN groups. Each point represents an individual from a group and each group has a color code: M = red, CI = orange, IP = blue, and UN = gray. (b) Arrows indicating the direction of maximum change while the length of arrows represents the magnitude of the change. The explanation of the first principal component (PC1) explained 41.84% of the variation of the data and the second principal component (PC2) explained 15.17%. The separation of CI and M individuals from IP and EXP and the association of some cytokines with the different groups can be observed.