Table 1: Baseline characteristics.

Anthropometric and metabolic data

Age (years)
Female gender (%)41.6
Body mass index (kg/m2)
CHA2DS2-VASc score#3 2–4
Adiponectin# (ng/mL)5.6 3.2–8.6
sCD40L# (ng/mL)49 40–70

Cardiovascular risk factors

Hypertension (%)88.3
Diabetes mellitus (%)17.9
Heart failure (%)16.7
History of stroke/TIA (%)14.0
History of MI (%)23.0
Metabolic syndrome (%)51.0

Concomitant therapies

 (i) Antiplatelets (%)11.3
 (ii) ACE inhibitor/ARBs (%)68.1
 (iii) blockers (%)45.1
 (iv) Calcium channel blockers (%)33.9
 (v) Statins (%)45.5
 (vi) Antiarrhythmic drugs (%)34.2

Data are expressed as median and interquartile range.
sCD40L: soluble CD40 ligand, TIA: transient ischemic attack, MI: myocardial infarction, ACE: angiotensin converting enzyme, and ARBs: angiotensin receptor blockers.