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Research Article

Polymorphisms of Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha in Moroccan Patients with Gastric Pathology: New Single-Nucleotide Polymorphisms in TNF-α−193 (G/A)

Table 3

Genotype frequencies of TNF-−238 (G/A) among cases and controls and the association with gastric pathology.

GenotypesGenotyping frequencyMAFHWE value

ControlsG/G58 (78.4)0.11 1.05E
G/A15 (20.3)
A/A1 (1.3)

GastritisG/G55 (98.2)0.010.016E0.001S
A/G1 (1.8)

UlcerG/G20 (95.2)0.020.19E0.07NS
A/G1 (4.8)

AdenocarcinomaG/G88 (94.6)0.030.12E0.002S
A/G5 (5.4)

Data are expressed as %. TNF-: tumor necrosis factor alpha; A/G: adenine/guanidine; MAF: minor allele frequency; HWE: Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium; E: population in equilibrium for TNF-−238 polymorphism; S: significant; NS: not significant ORs with 95% CI; and values were calculated for wild/wild genotype versus wild/mutant and mutant/mutant genotypes.