Research Article

Lung Epithelial TRPA1 Transduces the Extracellular ROS into Transcriptional Regulation of Lung Inflammation Induced by Cigarette Smoke: The Role of Influxed Ca2+

Figure 8

The cigarette smoke- (CS-) induced lung inflammation is alleviated in TRPA1 knockout mice. Mice were chronically exposed to air or CS for 4 weeks. Total protein content (a), total cell count (b), and differential cell count (c) obtained from the bronchoalveolar lavage fluid (BALF) were measured and served as indications of lung inflammation. (d, e) Levels of MIP-2 in BALF and in lung tissues were analyzed by ELISA. Data in each group are mean ± SEM from nine mice. versus the air-exposure group in both genotypes; # versus the CS-exposure wild-type group.