Mediators of Inflammation / 2015 / Article / Tab 3

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Comprehensive Screening of Gene Function and Networks by DNA Microarray Analysis in Japanese Patients with Idiopathic Portal Hypertension

Table 3

Top 25 biological processes associated with IPH in Ingenuity iReport.

NumberBiological processDEGs valueGenes

1Synthesis of leukotriene B44TGFB1, ABCC1, ADA, PTGER2
2Synthesis of leukotriene5TGFB1, PLA2G10, ABCC1, ADA, PTGER2
3Quantity of pro-B lymphocytes5CD28, CXCR4, CD79A, IGLL1/IGLL5, TNFRSF11B
4T-cell migration8CD28, TGFB1, CXCR4, GNLY, RASGRP1, PLA2G10, ABCC1, CD44
5Arrest in cell cycle progression of keratinocyte cancer cell lines2TGFB1, MELK
6Function of leukocytes12CD28, SLAMF1, TGFB1, CXCR4, RASGRP1, PLA2G10, ABCC1, ADA, CD44, PTGER2, MMP12, LAX1
7Transcytosis of HIV-12CXCR4, CD79A
8Cell movement of hairy leukemia cells2TGFB1, CD44
9Invasion of keratinocyte cancer cell lines2TGFB1, PTGER2
10Signaling of T lymphocytes3CD28, SLAMF1, CD44
11Metabolism of eicosanoid70.000109678TGFB1, PLA2G10, ABCC1, ADA, CYP4F3, EDNRA, PTGER2
12Reorganization of membrane rafts20.000135709CD28, CD44
13Response of memory T lymphocytes20.000135709CD28, TGFB1
14Fusion of leukocytes30.000153367CXCR4, CD44, TNFRSF11B
15Lymphopoiesis of cells30.000153367TGFB1, CXCR4, CD44
16Migration of mammary tumor cells30.000153367TGFB1, CXCR4, CD44
17Cell viability of leukocytes70.000162768CD28, TGFB1, CXCR4, CD44, LAX1, CD79A, TNFRSF11B
18Transmigration of mononuclear leukocytes40.000170867CD28, TGFB1, CXCR4, CD44
19Lymphopoiesis40.000182632TGFB1, CXCR4, CD44, IGLL1/IGLL5
20Adhesion of prostate cancer cell lines30.000200182TGFB1, CXCR4, CD44
21Invasion of breast cell lines30.000200182TGFB1, CXCR4, PTGER2
22TH1 immune response of naive T lymphocytes20.000225478CD28, TGFB1
23Adhesion of hyaluronic acid20.000225478TGFB1, CD44
24Morphology of cardiovascular tissue40.000235591TGFB1, CXCR4, CD44, TNFRSF11B
25Migration of tumor cell lines100.000252381TNFAIP8, TGFB1, CXCR4, RASGRP1, CDK7, PTTG1, SERPINA5, CD44, E2F5, MLLT4

Underlined genes indicate increases in expression. Not underlined genes indicate decreases in expression.
DEGs: differentially expressed genes.