Research Article

Repetitive Hyperbaric Oxygenation Attenuates Reactive Astrogliosis and Suppresses Expression of Inflammatory Mediators in the Rat Model of Brain Injury

Figure 4

ICAM-1 (green fluorescence) colocalization with different cell types around and within the lesion site. ICAM-1 ((a) and (d)) and GFAP ((b) and (e) red fluorescence) coexpression was found in reactive astrocytes around the blood vessels ((c), arrow head) and in close vicinity to the lesion site (f). Colocalization of ICAM-1 (g) and MAP-2 ((h) red fluorescence) was detected mostly on neuronal cell bodies (i). ICAM-1 (j) colocalized only with activated microglia (Iba1, red fluorescence, (k)) clustered along the border to the lesion site and within the lesion site ((l) yellow fluorescence). Also, ICAM-1 completely overlaps with R-MC46+ neutrophils ((n) red fluorescence) only at the borders and within the lesion core ((o) yellow fluorescence)). Scale bar = 5 μm.