Research Article

Percentages of CD4+CD161+ and CD4−CD8−CD161+ T Cells in the Synovial Fluid Are Correlated with Disease Activity in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Figure 1

Presence of CD161+ T cell subsets in RA patients and HC. (a) Flow cytometric dot-plots show gating strategy: CD3+ T cells were gated using side scatter profile and the expression of CD3; then CD4+, CD8+, and CD4−CD8− T cells were gated based on their expression of CD4 and CD8, and the CD161 expression levels in these T cell subsets were analyzed from representative HC peripheral blood (PB), RA PB, and RA synovial fluid (SF). Percentages of CD4+CD161+ (b), CD8+CD161+ (c), and CD4−CD8−CD161+ T cells (d) in HC PB, RA PB, and RA SF. Horizontal line indicates median value. P values were assessed by Mann-Whitney U test.