Figure 4: Effects of MK-801, NBQX, DL-AP3, or APDC posttreatment in the periphery on ES-induced PWT reduction. (a) In rats with L5 DR, an i.pl. injection of MK-801 (20 nM) administered 3 days after the ES of L5 SN (L5 SN-ES) into the midpoint of the L4 plantar dermatome resulted in a significant increase in ES-induced decreased PWTs at 15, 30, and 45 min after treatment compared with vehicle-treated controls. (b–d) No differences in ES-induced decreased PWTs were observed between animals treated with NBQX (100 nM), DL-AP3 (70 nM), or APDC (20 nM) and vehicle-treated controls. The abbreviations B, D, E, and Pre denote the baseline before DR, postoperative days after DR, postoperative days after ES, and baseline prior to i.pl. injection, respectively. The values in parentheses indicate the number of animals used. The error bars represent the SEM. versus vehicle group. # versus baseline.