Figure 3: Activation of NF-κB with different stimuli. Caco-2-NF-κB-hrGFP C3 clone (a) was seeded at 1 × 105 cell/well and 24 h later stimulated during 48 h with TNF-α (circle) or IL-1β (square). HT-29-NF-κB-hrGFP E5 (b) or F6 clones (c) were seeded at 5 × 104 cell/well and 24 h later were treated during 18–24 h with LPS (triangle), TNF-α (circle), or IL-1β (square). Cells were trypsinized and GFP expression was analyzed by flow cytometry. Data was expressed as mean of triplicates with SD error bars. Data was fitted using nonlinear regression 3-parameter fit using GraphPad Prism. NF-κB activation was determined as previously described.