Table 1: Determination of EC50, detection limit, and linear range for different clones.

Clone C3Clone E5Clone F6

EC50 (ng/mL)ND0.23 (0.16–0.33)0.52 (0.47–0.59)0.21 (0.15–0.28)0.72 (0.43–1.22)0.15 (0.10–0.21)
Detection limit (ng/mL)0.0500.0220.0120.0140.0530.018
Linear range (ng/mL) 0.050–1,0000.008–1.0000.050–3.1250.008–0.2000.050–3.1250.040–0.800

Different clones were seeded, cultured ON, and treated with TNF-α, LPS, or IL-1β. Cells were trypsinized and GFP expression was analyzed by flow cytometry. Data was normalized and EC50, detection limit, and linear range were calculated using nonlinear regression 3-parameter fit using GraphPad Prism. 95% confidence intervals are shown between brackets. ND: not determined.