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IL-4 Inhibits IL-1β-Induced Depressive-Like Behavior and Central Neurotransmitter Alterations

Figure 1

Effect of IL-4 injection 2 hours after injection of i.c.v. IL-1β on body temperature (a), sucrose intake (b), social interaction (c), and tail suspension test (d). Treatment effects were assessed on the mean activity (counts) during 5 minutes. The rats were randomly assigned to four groups of six individuals each as follows: CSF group received microinjections of CSF; IL-1β group received microinjections of rat recombinant IL-1β at the 3rd ventricle; IL-4 groups received microinjections of rat recombinant IL-4 at the 3rd ventricle. Each value represents the mean ± SEM. , , and compared to the CSF and , , and compared to the IL-1β treated group. Control, ; IL-1β, ; IL-4 100 ng, ; IL-4 200 ng, .