Research Article

The Early Expression of HLA-DR and CD64 Myeloid Markers Is Specifically Compartmentalized in the Blood and Lungs of Patients with Septic Shock

Figure 1

Expression of the CD64 on neutrophils from septic shock patients. Gating of the CD15+ granulocytes on the CD15 versus CD64 dot plot in peripheral blood (a) and BALf (c). Expression of CD64 on the gated CD15+ neutrophils from peripheral blood (b) and BALf (d). Comparison of the geometric median fluorescence of the CD64 on CD15+CD64med neutrophils from peripheral blood (PB) and bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) from septic shock patients (e). Comparison between BAL and PB monocytes in patients with pneumonia and peritonitis () (f).