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Interaction between Cannabinoid System and Toll-Like Receptors Controls Inflammation

Table 1

Cannabinoid effects on in vitro TLR responses.


Alveolar macrophagesLPS↓ inflammatory cytokinesBaldwin et al. [16]
Pacifici et al. [17]

MonocytesLPS↓ inflammatory cytokinesZurier et al. [95]
Impairs differentiation to dendritic cellsRoth et al. [122]

Thioglycollate-elicited macrophages LPS↓ tumor necrosis factor-α protein processing Zheng and Specter [99]
↑ interleukin-1βZhu et al. [94]
LPS/interferon-γ↓ nitric oxide synthase-2Coffey et al. [102]
↓ nitric oxideMestre et al. [92]
↑ interleukin-10Correa et al. [109]

Blood mononuclear cellsLPS↓ interleukin-1αWatzl et al. [96]
Biphasic dose-responseBerdyshev et al. [97]

Microglial cellsLPS↓ cytokine mRNAPuffenbarger et al. [103]
↑ IL-1 receptor antagonistMolina-Holgado et al. [111]
↓ nitric oxideMerighi et al. [123]
LPS/interferon-γ↑ interleukin-10Correa et al. [110]
↓ nitric oxideWaksman et al. [124]

Dendritic cellsLPS↓ TLR4 expressionXu et al. [106]

BV-2 cellsLPS↓ NF-κB activityMore et al. [101]
↓ cytokine mRNA
↓ interferon-β mRNAKozela et al. [125]

J774 cellsLPS↓ nitric oxideChang et al. [93]
↓ interleukin-6
↓ cyclooxygenase-2

RAW 264.7 cellsLPS↓ tumor necrosis factor-α protein processingFischer-Stenger et al. [100]
↓ nitric oxide synthase-2Jeon et al. [104]
↓ nitric oxide
↓ NF-κB activity

TLR4-transfected HEK293 cellsLPS↓ interferon-β mRNADowner et al. [126]
↓ IRF3 activity

Glioma U87MG cellsPeptidoglycan↓ NF-κB activityEchigo et al. [105]

TLR3-transfected HEK293 cellsPolyinosinic:polycytidylic acid↑ interferon-β mRNADowner et al. [127]
↑ IRF3 activityDowner et al. [126]
↓ tumor necrosis factor-α
↓ NF-κB activity

Blood mononuclear cellsPolyinosinic:polycytidylic acid↑ interferon-β mRNADowner et al. [126]
↓ tumor necrosis factor-α

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