Research Article

Apoptosis of Endothelial Cells by 13-HPODE Contributes to Impairment of Endothelial Barrier Integrity

Figure 6

YOPRO®-1 and propidium iodide of BMEC staining displayed as fold change over media control after 6 hr ((a) and (b)) and 24 hr ((c) and (d)) 13-HPODE exposure. Media controls are displayed in open bars and 13-HPODE treatments are in light grey bars. Positive control (1 hr 2 mM H2O2 exposure) YOPRO-1 and propidium iodide staining are displayed in (a) and (b) and are the black bars. Different letters demonstrate a significant difference among media control and 13-HPODE treatments determined by one-way ANOVA with Tukey’s post hoc correction. An asterisk () represents a significant difference between medial control and H2O2 as determined by Student’s t-tests. Significance declared at .