Research Article

Activated Platelets Induce an Anti-Inflammatory Response of Monocytes/Macrophages through Cross-Regulation of PGE2 and Cytokines

Figure 6

PGE2 mediates inhibition of TNFα release from platelet-stimulated human monocytes. (a), (b), (c) Human monocytes were incubated alone, with untreated human platelets or with collagen-activated human platelets for 3 hours and PGE2 (a), TNFα (b), or IL-10 (c) were determined. (d), (e) Human monocytes were incubated alone or with untreated platelets with or without PGE2 (1 μM). (f) Human monocytes were incubated with untreated platelets with or without human IL-10 (125 pg/ml). The concentrations of PGE2, TNFα, and IL-10 within the cell-free supernatants were determined by LC-MS/MS or rather ELISA within cell-free supernatants. Data are presented as mean ± SEM from 4 experiments. One-way ANOVA/Bonferroni (a)–(e) or two-tailed t-test (f) , , .