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Cannabinoid Receptor 2 Modulates Neutrophil Recruitment in a Murine Model of Endotoxemia

Figure 1

Immune cell recruitment to peripheral tissues is maximal at 2 hours post LPS challenge. Male C57BL/6J mice (8–10 weeks old) were administered i.p. with 1 mg/kg LPS and innate immune cell recruitment to peripheral tissues, and production of proinflammatory mediators was followed for 8 hours. Naïve animals were used for the steady state measurements. Peritoneal lavage fluid (a) and lungs (b) were harvested to assess the presence of neutrophils (CD45+Ly-6GhiLy-6B.2+) and monocytes (CD45+Ly-6GmidLy-6B.2+) by flow cytometry. Representative dot plot graphs gated on CD45+ cells are shown for the peritoneum (a) and lungs (b). The levels of the cytokine IL-6 (c) and chemokines CCL2 (d) and CXCL1 (e) were measured in peritoneal fluid by ELISA. The mRNA levels of Il6 (f), Ccl2 (g), and Cxcl1 (h) in lung homogenates were measured by qRT-PCR. Data are from one experiment with 5-6 mice per time point. Mean + SEM are represented in all bar graphs. ND: not detected.