Figure 4: T. lecticularia SGE improved intestinal shortening in mice exposed to DSS. Intestinal inflammation was induced by free consumption of drinking water containing 3% DSS for 6 consecutive days. Mice were treated i.p. with 100 μl of saline or T. lecticularia SGE (3, 10, or 30 μg/animal/day). Dashed lines: healthy mice without treatment and not exposed to DSS (control); dotted lines: healthy mice not exposed to DSS and treated with T. lecticularia SGE (30 μg). The concentration of TNF-α (a), IFN-γ (b), IL-6 (c), IL-10 (d), and IL-27 (e) was detected in intestinal sections collected with protease inhibitors. Results were normalized to the dry weight of each intestinal section and expressed as nanograms per milliliter per gram of tissue (ng/ml/g). Results are representative of two independent experiments ( mice/group). .