Research Article

Increased Expression of TLR10 in B Cell Subsets Correlates with Disease Activity in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Figure 1

B cells, B cell subsets, and TLR10 gating strategy: (a) selecting lymphocytes based on side-scatter and forward-scatter; (b) selecting CD19+ B cells from lymphocytes; (c) analysing TLR10 in CD19+ B cells; (d-f) dividing CD19+ B cells into several subsets (CD19+CD27+, CD19+CD27, CD19+CD27+IgD, CD19+CD27+IgD+, CD19+CD27IgD+, CD19+CD27IgD, CD19+CD5+, and CD19+CD5) for further analysis of the TLR10 expression.