Figure 1: Mass spectrometry of (a) blanco (control) and (b) RvE1 to evaluate the UV spectrum of RvE1 and its integrity. On the left panel (a1–4) are the control samples (blanco—EtOH) and the right panel (b1–4) are the RvE1 samples. (a, b) 1 and 2 are negatively and positively charged analyses, respectively. (b3) shows the UV spectrum of RvE1: the first wave is the time of injection (1.33-1.99), and the peak of RvE1 is around 10.90 minutes later. (b4) shows further analyses of the peaks 11.20 and 11.18 evidencing more peaks of RvE1. These analyses demonstrated the chemical stability of the RvE1.