Research Article

Leptin Promoted IL-17 Production from ILC2s in Allergic Rhinitis

Figure 2

The induction of IL-17-producing ILC2s by leptin is dependent on RORγt and Ahr in AR patients. (a) The induction of IL-17-producing ILC2s by leptin by flow cytometry. (b) The IL-17 protein production from ILC2 after leptin stimulation by ELISA. (c, d) RT-PCR showed that leptin induced RORγt and Ahr expression by ILC2. Compared with PBS, . #Compared with the CC group, . CC: cytokine combination: IL-25 (50 ng/ml), IL-33 (50 ng/ml), TSLP (50 ng/ml), IL-2 (10 U/ml). Leptin, 100 ng/ml; RORγt inhibitor, 100 ng/ml; Ahr inhibitor, 100 ng/ml. PMA (50 ng/ml, Sigma-Aldrich), Ionomycin (500 ng/ml, Sigma-Aldrich), and Brefeldin A (BD, Oxford, United Kingdom) were used for restimulation for 4 hours. Six AR patients were used in this experiment, and three independent tests were performed for every experiment. values were determined by using the Kruskal-Wallis test.