Minimally Invasive Surgery / 2011 / Article / Tab 1

Clinical Study

Preoperative Parathyroid Needle Localization: A Minimally Invasive Novel Technique in Reoperative Settings

Table 1

Results of ultrasound-guided FNA, PTH washout before guide wire placement and pre/postoperative calcium and PTH levels after parathyroid adenoma removal using guide wire localization.

PatientPreop Ca
Postop Ca
Preop PTH
Postop PTH
Fna ± for
PTH washout

Patient 1:10.18.91034−veUnavailable
Patient 2:11.48.714831+ve103
Patient 3:11.18.815880+veUnavailable
Patient 4:11.78.328415.4+ve180,000
Patient 5:11.28.52128+ve>2500
Patient 6:10.49.112127−ve204,727
Patient 7:10.78.914932−ve1816
Patient 8:10.48.8613<5+ve952
Patient 9:8.98.69529−ve<60
Patient 10:10.59.010747+ve3433