Clinical Study

Laparoscopic Primary Colorrhaphy for Acute Iatrogenic Perforations during Colonoscopy

Table 1

Preoperative and intraoperative parameters.

PatientGenderAge (years)BMI (kg/m2)ASAPerforation siteMechanism of perforationTime between perforation and surgery (hours)Conversion to open procedureIntraoperative complications

1F6726.32SigmoidDirect trauma4NoNo
2F8321.33SigmoidDirect trauma3NoNo
3F5830.92SigmoidThermal injury18NoNo
4F7826.13SigmoidDirect trauma3NoNo
5F7127.52CecumThermal injury¥20NoNo
Overall§Female 100%71.4 ± 9.726.4 ± 3.42Sigmoid: 80%; Cecum: 20%Direct trauma: 60%; Thermal injury: 40%9.6 ± 9.30%0%

ASA: American College of Anesthesiologists Score; BMI: Body Mass Index.
§Mean ± standard deviation, except ASA, which is represented as median.
Thermal injury following anterior rectosigmoid polypectomy.
¥Thermal injury following ablation of two incidentally found large cecal angiodysplasias.