Table 2: Fusion rates for various bone grafts in anterior/lateral approaches to minimally invasive interbody fusions.

Bone graft materialsAnterior/lateral approaches to mis interbody fusion
Number of studiesNumber of patientsFusion rate (%)Range (%)

Autograft (iliac crest) alone1129090
Allograft alone1409090
BMA (as extender)427193–100
DBM (as extender)220397-98
Ceramics (as extender)51499580–100
Ceramics alone52068880–100
rhBMP-2 (with another bone graft)730880–100
rhBMP-2 alone212296–100

(as extender) demonstrates significantly higher fusion rates than all bone grafts (), except for BMA (as extender) and rhBMP-2 alone. three types of bone grafts (BMA as extender, rhBMP-2 with another bone graft, and rhBMP-2 alone) are no different from each other and DBM in terms of fusion rate but significantly better than the rest ().