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Research Article

An Experimental QoE Performance Study for the Efficient Transmission of High Demanding Traffic over an Ad Hoc Network Using BATMAN

Table 3

802.11g and routing protocols parameters.


SIFS, DIFS, and SLOT (µs){10, 28, 9}
PLCP preamble (µs)4
{PLCP, MAC, SNAP} headers (µs)—, 28, 8{16, 4.15, 1.18}
IP + UDP + RTP headers (µs) 405.92
Voice (G.711, 20 ms) (µs)16023.70
Video (µs)51275.85
ACK (µs)142.07
BATMAN OGM interval (s)1
BATMAN purge timeout (s)200
OLSR {HELLO, TC, MID} intervals (s){2, 5, 5}
OLSR {Neighbor, Topology} hold times (s){6, 15}