Table 1: List of features.

Features Description Formula for calculation

Packet loss (PL) percentage Number of packets lost due to the interaction of the legitimate traffic with the attack. It is the presence of congestion in the network due to DDoS flooding attacks..
 (i) PL is the packet lost.
(ii) PS is the total number of packets sent towards the destination.

Delay or latencyThe time taken by the packets to reach from source to destination..
(i) is the packet arrival time.
(ii) the packet start time.

Jitter (delay variation)The variation in the time between packets arriving within a particular window. Jitter is used as an indicator of consistency and stability of network..
(i) is packet duration.
(ii) is the last packet delay.
(iii) is the difference of packet sequence number

Throughput (TH)Bytes transferred per unit time from source to destination. The DDoS defense mechanism ideally increases the throughput for the legitimate users..