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Research Article

A Mobile Application for Easy Design and Testing of Algorithms to Monitor Physical Activity in the Workplace

Table 3

Hardware (HW) and software (SW) sensors in Android [46].

Sensor Description

HWAccelerometer Measures acceleration force applied to the device, including gravity
Ambient temperature sensor Measures ambient room temperature
Magnetometer Measures ambient geomagnetic field along three axes
Barometer Measures ambient air pressure
Gyroscope Measures device rotation along three axes
Light sensor Measures ambient light level (illumination)
Proximity sensor Measures proximity of an object relative to the screen of a device
Humidity sensor Measures humidity of ambient environment

SWLinear acceleration Measures acceleration force applied to the device (gravity excluded)
Gravity sensor Measures gravity force applied to the device, along three axes
Rotation Measures the orientation of a device by providing the 3 elements of the devices’ rotation vector