In view of the low quality, low efficiency, and excessive restrictions of traditional talent recruitment and management methods, which can no longer meet the needs of talent recruitment and management under the current new economic situation, this urgent problem needs to be solved. With the development of mobile communication, intelligent terminal, and Internet technology, human resource signboard management is gradually transformed into the Internet model. This paper adopts the enterprise human resource recruitment management mode in the mobile Internet era. In order to prove the effectiveness of the algorithm proposed in this article, we carried out a large number of related experiments. The results show that the enterprise human resource recruitment management model in the mobile Internet era increased recruitment efficiency by 18%. Finally, the content studied in this article can provide some reference ideas for subsequent research.

1. Introduction

Create a tangible human resources market similar to reality on the Internet, and use computer technology to make this market produce three-dimensional visual effects of scenes, objects, and characters. It can realize online multi-person communication and interaction, job search, career guidance, and abilities among market managers, recruiters, and job applicants. Conduct evaluation, interview selection, data transmission, etc. [1, 2]. Recruitment website is combined with virtual reality to realize online recruitment and online interview simultaneously. Compared with the traditional website recruitment, the established advantageous market online provides an online service management system for each unit user while having basic functions such as information release and online registration [3, 4]. During working hours, the recruitment administrator of unit users can communicate with job applicants online in text or video to provide real-time recruitment services: outside of working hours, unit users can use the online service robot provided by the system to complete the interview requirements of job applicants, and you can also communicate easily with each other through the mobile phone short message system set by the system [5, 6]. The so-called virtual reality, as the name suggests, is the combination of virtual and reality. In theory, virtual reality technology is a computer simulation system that can create and experience the virtual world. It uses the computer to generate a simulation environment and immerse users in the environment. Virtual reality technology is to use the data in real life and the electronic signals generated by computer technology to combine them with various output devices to transform them into phenomena that people can feel. These phenomena can be real objects in reality or substances that cannot be seen by our naked eyes, which are expressed through three-dimensional models.

Recruitment and management costs can greatly improve the work efficiency of enterprises in talent recruitment and management, which not only reflects the new development concept but also has important practical significance for the development and operation of a company [7]. Lander NJ believes that the deployment and implementation of the Internet recruitment system meet the current business needs and accelerate the efficiency of enterprise recruitment. Department leaders decided to introduce a set of fully functional new talent recruitment management system to support the company’s talent recruitment and management business [8]. In the rapidly changing Internet era, it has profoundly changed the way of life and thinking of human beings [9, 10]. However, there are errors in their experimental process, which leads to inaccurate results. According to the classification of system functions, the system functions are divided into planning and design, display and entertainment, training and exercise, etc. The planning and design system can be used for experimental verification of new facilities, greatly shorten the R&D time, reduce the design cost, and improve the design efficiency. It can be used in urban drainage, community planning, and other fields [11, 12].

The innovation of this article is to propose a recruitment management model for enterprise human resources in the era of mobile Internet. According to the employer’s own business needs and recruitment conditions, a talent management system specifically for the company can be developed to serve the company’s recruitment management work. This will not only increase the pertinence and flexibility of enterprises in recruitment management business, make the Internet recruitment an effective way for enterprises to select talents, but also provide broad career space for job seekers. It can fundamentally simplify the company’s business process in talent recruitment management, so that the company’s talent recruitment and management has a systematic organization and operation mode, which fully reflects the advantages of the new type of talent recruitment based on the online recruitment system in the Internet era. The aim is to find a new path suitable for the development of the current enterprise human resource recruitment management planning system through this research. The advantages of online recruitment include wide coverage, strong timeliness, lower cost, strong pertinence, screening function, and so on. The two sides of online recruitment complete the exchange of information through interactive online login and query. This method is different from the traditional recruitment method. It does not insist on the absolute consistency of time and space, which facilitates the choice of time for both parties. The Internet itself is not limited by time, region, service cycle, and distribution channels. It can not only transfer information quickly and quickly but also update information instantly. This kind of online communication based on the initiative of both sides of recruitment has completed timely and rapid interaction without any sound.

2. Management in the Era of Mobile Internet

2.1. Internet Technology Application Analysis

Through the Internet, three-dimensional technology, and real-time communication tools, the physical talent market is displayed on the Internet in a new mode of virtual reality. It is for job seekers, recruiters, and managers to jointly build a real-time information transmission and national online recruitment network interaction. The managed three-dimensional interactive platform has a wide range of applications, such as visual simulation, urban planning, venue display, interior design, cultural relic protection, and so on, to achieve a real three-dimensional interactive experience without leaving the house. The three-dimensional technology has clear visual layers, bright colors, and strong visual impact, which makes the viewers stay in the scene for a long time and leave a deep impression. The stereogram gives people a real and lifelike feeling, and the characters are ready to come out. It has an immersive feeling and high artistic appreciation value. Use the three-dimensional image to package the corporate image, make the corporate image more distinctive, highlight the strength and grade of the enterprise, and increase the influence of the enterprise. It can highlight the high quality and high grade of products. The application of this technology in the talent market can not only display the city in three-dimensional exhibition halls and displays and maximize the promotion effect and social value of geographical and cultural knowledge but also present many small and medium-sized enterprises with strength and potential to everyone. The Internet recruitment platform enables the public to truly feel the advantages and characteristics of the company through the Internet, provides a real-time interactive platform for the majority of candidates and recruitment companies, and enables the company to recruit the most suitable talents in a short time at the lowest cost. Based on business applications, it is an intelligent management information system that helps companies and individuals to recruit and seek employment. It also introduces the functional requirements and market advantages of the system, analyzes the project technical plan, establishes an architecture model, and designs scene effects according to the actual functions of some modules. This model uses a new simulation of the real recruitment site to complete the recruitment of talents on the Internet. All links will solve the problem of talent employment more effectively and conveniently. As the demand for the talent market continues to expand, this kind of innovation will surely bring a new experience to the recruitment industry. Finally, our tangible and interactive human resources market and its functions are displayed on the Internet and built on campus, so that our students and social workers can understand real-time recruitment information in various places and can communicate with them in time at their homes and computers. Recruitment employers communicate with each other to realize immediate recruitment. Appropriate application of this function can design an effective algorithm in enterprise human resource recruitment management, which has the following forms.

The calculated value of the algorithm is as follows:

Algorithm test should use the following formula:

2.2. Recruitment Methods

Self-record analysis method: the basic basis of this method is that employees know the content and situation of their positions best, so most companies use this method, but this method also has shortcomings because the quality of the recorders varies. The supervisor analysis method is to record and analyze the work tasks, responsibilities, etc. The daily management by the supervisor is mainly based on the direct knowledge and deep understanding of the supervisory position. However, there will be understanding errors for supervisors who have not worked in such positions. For example, a manager who has been engaged in the training department has been promoted to the person in charge of personnel. There may be errors in the understanding of the personnel specialist’s work. The interview method and the questionnaire survey method are relatively similar. They are both completed through the situation recorded in the table. The difference is that the interview method is a face-to-face communication with the interviewee. The questionnaire survey method uses questionnaires as a medium to communicate. In practical work, we often use open anonymous questionnaires to obtain more real information, but it requires professional vision to filter the one-sided information in the questionnaire. In summary, these methods should be used in combination so that we can analyze the job comprehensively and accurately. With a single method, there are always errors of one kind or another in obtaining information, and of course it is impossible to completely avoid it.

3. Human Resources in the Era of Mobile Internet

3.1. Enterprise Recruitment Management

The company’s recruitment management ability is a continuous cycle in the process of being evaluated. After preparation, investigation, evaluation, and report are completed, it enters the next cycle and continues to improve and optimize in the next cycle until it reaches the previous level. To ensure the effectiveness and success of corporate recruitment activities, it is necessary to implement process control throughout the corporate recruitment process, compare standard behaviors, and improve existing practices. The management of the recruitment process of an enterprise must be institutionalized, just like the company charter and employee handbook. For every part of the recruitment process, codes of practice are the goal of institutionalized management. Human resource recruitment in the cross-cultural context is of great significance for companies to acquire excellent talents, rapidly improve human capital, and efficiently allocate human resource assets. Therefore, the professional quality and ability of the recruitment team also greatly affect corporate recruitment. In all aspects of the interview, the interviewer also represents the image of the company to a certain extent and affects the first impression of the job seeker on the company. The specific results are shown in Figure 1.

3.2. Human Resource Training Application

The establishment of the recruitment model is a common practice of these well-known foreign companies to establish a general recruitment model or a recruitment model for a certain level of personnel based on the standard and the company’s culture and management style. The recruitment model solves the hiring standards when recruiting personnel, effectively preventing the interviewers’ personal arbitrariness, personal preferences, and other personal factors from hindering the entry of suitable personnel. Job analysis and measurement are important preparations and effective audits for recruitment. The structured interview process is an important guarantee for recruitment. The multi-round recruitment process selects candidates from different angles or focuses on candidates’ professional background, basic qualities, internship experience, and so on or focuses on teamwork skills, communication skills, logical thinking and analytical skills, and so on or focuses on professional knowledge, personal career development goals, and so on. The key is to establish a more quantitative evaluation system to ensure objectivity and measurability as much as possible. The specific results are shown in Figure 2.

A sound internal and external talent reserve training plan is a benign extension of the recruitment work. External talents with rich work experience and professionalism are the wealth that enterprises, especially newly built enterprises, desire, but they also have the difficulty of matching company culture, rigid work perspectives, and high costs. Negative impact is as follows: campus talent recruitment without work experience is difficult to quickly integrate into the company. The internal talent training plan is a powerful supplement to the former and an extension of human resources recruitment. Successful foreign companies all pay attention to the introduction of outstanding talents on campus and the orderly training and rotation of internal talents. The specific results are shown in Table 1.

4. Recruitment Evaluation System under the Mobile Internet

4.1. Recruitment Project Analysis

The laboratory project in this article proposes a recruitment evaluation system and briefly outlines that professional consulting companies should be introduced into job analysis in enterprises to assist human resources professionals and related personnel in various departments to complete the process. We will discuss it in three points below. The basic content of job analysis includes the following points: first, the description of job functions, including specific work scope, responsibility size, and work-related departments; second, determination of the job name, including job code, type of work, and level; third, description of job specific task, including job nature, specific task reporting line, and indicators; and fourth, analysis of job, including the specific requirements for the skills of competent personnel. The above four points are the basic points necessary for job analysis in general enterprises. However, the analysis of some key positions will be more detailed, and the analysis of the working environment may also be added. The specific results are shown in Figure 3. According to the data at the end of 2020, technical and clerical personnel accounted for about 41%, and industrial workers accounted for about 59%; Coupled with the annual turnover rate of about 5%, the company’s recruitment demand exceeds 300 people, and the next year will exceed the demand of 162 people in 2020, and most of them are concentrated in technical and clerical talents.

4.2. Recruitment Evaluation System

To establish a standardized recruitment evaluation system, the development of an enterprise cannot be separated from the promotion of talents. A growing talent team will bring more creativity, higher performance, and stronger competitiveness to the enterprise. To mobilize the active participation of the personnel department, we also need to pay attention to the overall quality of recruiters. When the applicant does not understand the company, the recruiter is the first person to contact, and his distinctive personality characteristics, communication methods, and professional qualities will convey different information to the applicant. Candidates will judge whether there are discrepancies based on the comprehensive information, shape the overall cognition of the enterprise, and compare their own expectations. The higher the comprehensive quality of the recruiter, the more positive the influence on the candidate. Therefore, the training of recruiters is essential. Firstly, recruiters should have good personal qualities and should be able to objectively and fairly evaluate candidates and show the company’s situation and attract candidates’ highlights; secondly, recruiters not only need to have good expression skills, but also need to have some professional knowledge to judge whether an applicant's answer is valid information. At the same time, it is necessary to have sufficient understanding of the basic situation of the industry in which the enterprise is located, as well as the characteristics of the business, the nature of the work, and the strategic development plan. In addition, training for recruiters to interview technical schools is also essential. The specific results are shown in Table 2.

Improving the accuracy and success rate of recruitment is a problem that human resources need to face and solve. The recruitment evaluation system is the basis for talent selection. The company uses a series of methods to evaluate the comprehensive quality and ability of people, so as to select the process of selecting personnel who meet the recruitment conditions and meet the needs of the position. The technical personnel of the company will have certain requirements for corresponding professional quality, knowledge, and skills. Therefore, the HR department needs to work closely with the business department to design the interview content to check whether the applicant has the corresponding post quality and skills. The application of psychological tests in recruitment refers to the method of measuring and evaluating the psychological characteristics of candidates using standardized measurement standards. In the practice of company recruitment, the evaluation mechanism of imperfect recruitment management system and the evaluation of specific behavior are often ignored. In the practice of company recruitment, the evaluation of specific actions is often overlooked. The specific results are shown in Figure 4. The company has higher requirements for technical and management qualifications; at the same time, the number of operators in the factory is relatively large, and the requirements for the front-line production staff do not have high requirements for technical talents. 33% of the workers are graduates from technical schools and have relevant diplomas, and most of the employees are fresh graduates.

5. Conclusions

Although this article is about the enterprise human resource recruitment management model in the era of mobile Internet, there are still great shortcomings. The Internet recruitment system proposed in this paper provides online recruitment business functions and customized recruitment management system with enterprise characteristics for enterprises. In general, the company’s current talent recruitment management information system and recruitment model tend to be outdated and cannot respond well to the company’s future talent recruitment business changes. In response to this situation, the company’s own talent recruitment and management business characteristics and needs will be renewed. It is very important to develop a comprehensive talent recruitment management information system with its own characteristics, and it is also of great strategic significance for the company. In the era of mobile Internet, there are still many in-depth contents to be studied in the enterprise human resource recruitment management model. There are still many steps to study the enterprise human resource recruitment management because of space and personal ability, which are not covered. In addition, the actual application effect of the relevant experiments of the recruitment evaluation system can only be compared with the traditional model from the level of theory and simulation.

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